Premier Scale Services was founded in 2002 to supply the local market with the most complete range of scales and measurement systems. Over the years, we have grown to understand the Zambian Market, becoming a trusted metrology supplier for Zambia’s most notable brands, across industries, covering the whole of Zambia.

At Premier Scale Services,  our main business activities are the provision of:

Our Specialist teams of Technicians/Engineers provide routine maintenance, installations, emergency repairs, and calibration services support to these markets.Premier Scale Services is so structured as to be able to provide a comprehensive range of services to address virtually all weighing, and other measurement requirements. To this end, Premier Scale Services has fictionalized its operations to comprise, inter alias, of a Product Business Unit and a Service Business Unit. This has had the effect of making the organization more focused on specific customer needs.Premier Scale Services has a Technical Department manned by qualified and experienced personnel to provide product support, service and maintenance of all Premier Scale equipment in the field countrywide. We offer ongoing, advanced technical support to maximize the lifespan of your measurement equipment and increase your return on investment.Premier Scale Services is committed to the effective assessment of the hazards associated with our products and the consequential risks posed throughout the product’s life. Accurate communication of product safety information is assured. We provide the necessary training to empower operators to be able to utilize measurement equipment safely.Premier Scale Services offers exclusive customer care, after sales technical support in form of preventive maintenance. We have a technical team with vast experience in Weighing Systems. Our Engineers are on call 24hours per day on their mobile phones and our call-logging center whose details will be availed to you. Some of the products on offer in our After Sales Support programme are as follows: