The THB 600 model balance is used to weigh with precision. It comes with a windshield to ensure that even the slightest wind does not interfere with the weighing process.

The THB 6000 model balance is similar to the 600, having all the features of the 600 except the windshield. The difference is that it offers a higher capacity with less fine readability.

The WANT WT2503N balance is a high precision scale with the ability to weigh small amounts of substance with a 0.001g accuracy. Complete with windshield.

The WANT WT2503H balance is similar to the 2503N but has a more spacious windshield.


The WANT WT2503CH balance is an alternative to the WT2503

The WANT WT25002N balance is similar to the 2503N but offers less fine readability. It is however able to handle a greater maximum load of up to 2500g. RS232 is built in.

The WANT WT41002CF balance offers a maximum load of 4100g with a readability of 0.01g. This balance is ideal for users who need precision with a mid-range capacity. Under weighing hook included.

This is the most accurate scale in balance range. It has a windshield to maintain a fine readability of 0.0001g and is ideal for use in a  laboratory.


The WANT WT25002CF balance is identical to the 25002N but does not include the RS232 function.


The WANT WT100001X balance is ideal for users who need a higher capacity scale with the ability to read 0.1g. It also offers a larger weighing surface and under weighing hook.