Our mechanical dial hanging scales are of sturdy build and are independent on electricity.



The UTE range of electronic crane scales are robust and durable. Ideal for extremely heavy loads in even the most demanding environments.

The OCS SW1 electronic crane scale is a heavy duty steel model. It comes complete with an indicator pack that houses a printer for recording your loads.

The OCS SL electronic crane scales are medium to heavy range crane scales that offer reliable weighing for suspended loads. Durable design.


The UTE UTG electronic crane scale is a sturdy light crane scale with a maximum load of 1500kg.

The OCS L digital hanging scale is ideal for weighing suspended loads to a maximum capacity of 300kg. It is small and completely battery operated making it very portable.


The OCS 20A fishing scale is a small digital scale that can be used to determine the weight of items to a capacity of 50kg. Batteries included.