The AW Animal weigher is suitable for weighing livestock. It’s cage allows the animal to be weighed without the user having to worry about it leaving the weighing surface and it’s wheels make it very portable.

Our wall beam scale uses a wall mounted bracket holding a hook. The weight applied to the hook is then relayed to a digital indicator, giving you the weight of the carcass.

The WB weighbars with digital indicator are a solution to weighing moving livestock. The bars are used to support a conveyor that the livestock will pass over giving the user their weight.

The OHT overhead track scale is used by butcheries to weigh meat that is suspended by a hook. The user would pass the hook along the rail of the scale to determine it’s weight.

Livestock And Carcass Weighers like the FD A12E fold down scale are ideal for butcheries. Users can either weigh off of the hooks located at the top, or make use of the stainless steel platter for smaller portions.